Disney’s Space Mountain

If you ask someone to name a ride at Walt Disney World Resort you’d probably be surprised at how many people can quickly name Space Mountain. This probably because Space Mountain has been a one of Disney’s notable attractions since 1975. Today, Space Mountain is a classic Disney attraction that can be found in the Magic Kingdom Theme Park in Tomorrowland.

Space Mountain has a futuristic look and is a thrill ride where you climb into a rocket shaped, three-seating vehicle where you embark on a fun fast past-paced ride themed in space. You can enjoy hurtling through space with flashing lights to accent your mini space adventure. You will enjoy the shooting stars and black holes as well as constellations that give light to your space adventure within the Space Mountain ride in Tomorrowland.

Most of the ride is in the dark so you can enjoy the ride without being able to tell which way or where the ride will take you next. Once you’re out of the rocket shaped vehicle you have the pleasure of enjoying the moving runway to the Tomorrowland area. The ride like many thrill rides does have a height requirement and Space Mountain requires a height of 44 inches or taller to ride. And children must be accompanied by someone aged 14 or older.

Space Mountain is one of many attractions available for your enjoyment at Walt Disney World Resort. Space Mountain also allows guests to use their FASTPASS Service and is wheelchair accessible, although riders need to be able to transfer from their wheelchairs onto the attraction vehicle. So if you are accompanying someone who needs a wheelchair make sure you can assist then to move as Disney employees are not permitted to help.

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