Disney’s Splash Mountain

Who doesn’t enjoy a good water ride from time to time? When the sun is bright and you’re ready a thrill ride on the water then Splash Mountain is your head to destination. Disney’s Splash Mountain is located in the Magic Kingdom Theme Park in Frontierland. The flume ride is fun for older kids to adults and provides fun themed scenery with both a water ride and thrill ride combined.

The ride itself is a story of Br’er Rabbit and as a rider you get to experience the falling into dark caves and going over waterfalls but the peak thrill of the ride is the large 5-story peak where enjoy the large slide down. Throughout the ride there are twists and turns and three mini dips before the actual large 5 story wet plummet. If you want to stay relatively dry aim for the back of the water car, if you want to be drenched then request a seat in the front or right side.

Since Splash Mountain is a thrill ride anyone with a bad back or neck might want to reconsider the ride, and for other safety reasons there is a height requirement of 40 inches in order to ride. Also, children who wish to ride and are under 7 have to be accompanied by someone ages 14 or older. Like other rides, Splash Mountain does have the FASTPASS Service to cut down on line wait time. The ride is also wheelchair accessible but riders must be able to transfer from the wheelchair to the ride.

If you plan your Disney vacation and find yourself stuck on a sunny and hot day, then Splash Mountain may be a perfect opportunity to ride a water thrill ride and get a little soaked. While there are many rides and attractions at the Disney World Resort, you’ll be sure to love Splash Mountain.

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