Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Have you heard of anyone who isn’t familiar with Disney’s Haunted Mansion? Not only is the Haunted Mansion a Disney Classic it has even been the basis of a Disney Movie The Haunted Mansion. And what makes the Haunted Mansion so fun is that it’s a spooky ride meant to excite your imagination with a tour through the haunted house. And what is more exciting than your deceased host introducing you to all his near and dear deceased friends.

The Haunted Mansion is located in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park in Liberty Square. It is an attraction that the whole family can enjoy as it is fun for everyone and has no height restriction. And because it’s a family ride, the spooky haunted house contains no gore to frighten children and the spirits are animated and friendly.

Through the tour of the mansion you get to experience several rooms with haunted activity. The car rides are creatively named “doom buggy” and that is where you begin the haunted mansion ride. The rooms of the mansion are designed to look old, dusty, and neglected, after all that is how a haunted mansion should look right? You even get to meet Madame Leota who is a medium to the spirits and calls them forward.

The Haunted Mansion is a perfect attraction for the whole family to enjoy. The detail and creativity will leave you questioning if you want to move on to another attraction or get back in line to experience the thrill again. The Haunted Mansion is both fun for the whole family and wheelchair accessible, although people in wheelchairs will need to relocate from the wheelchair to the “doom buggy” to experience the ride. So if you’d like to experience a little ghostly activity on your vacation then give the Haunted Mansion a visit.

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