Disney’s Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace Restaurant is located on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. The Crystal Palace serves food buffet style for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a character dining experience. When you step into the Crystal Palace you step right into The Hundred Acre Wood where you can enjoy Winnie the Pooh and other lovable characters. This makes Crystal Palace a perfect place to take your young children to eat since they will love the lovable characters.

Breakfast at the Crystal Palace serves many traditional breakfast foods such as omelets and cereal to give you energy for your big day. However, you may be surprised by their breakfast pizza or cheddar cheese potatoes.  While some breakfast foods may surprise you there is no doubt you’ll need the energy when you spend your day running around the park(s).

And lunch and dinner are equally enjoyable with delicious meats, chicken, and salmon for dinner. And if you have picky young ones who may not like food available at the standard buffet never fear-“Pooh Corner” has a special buffet for kids. At the kids buffet, your little bundle of energy can enjoy foods like chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and pizza.

If you wish to dine at Crystal Palace make sure you schedule a reservation. Breakfast and lunch buffets fall between the $15 to $35 dollar range but the dinner character dining experience is more expensive with prices between $36 and $59. The Crystal Palace Restaurant does have a cancellation policy so if you’re interested in making a reservation make sure you read through all the fine print before you make a reservation to dine for you and your family.

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