Star Wars Weekends at Disney World

Besides the usual magic and excitement that accompanies a Disney vacation, there are certain special events that take place around Walt Disney World Resort that makes a vacation all the more fun. Returning in spring of 2013 are Star Wars Weekends. These fun special weekends occur at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park.

These special weekends offer an opportunity to meet celebrities and characters for special shows or other special events that may be held. However, special events like special shows will include the need to purchase an extra ticket for the event. Special events are also subject to availability and that means you’ll want to buy your ticket early to make sure space for special shows and presentations don’t fill up without you!

Probably one of the best parts about the Star Wars Weekends is the chance to meet one of the celebrities. What could be better than having a celebrity autograph by one of the Star Wars actors? However, you are allowed one autograph per guest and are limited to the celebrities in attendance. And even then some events may be canceled.

However, for events that remain scheduled, you can take advantage of Disney’s FASTPASS which ensures that you’ll have a place in line at the celebrity autograph kiosk. If you want to ensure you’re autograph you’ll want to make sure you pick up your FASTPASS early. And of course there is more than celebrity autographs to make the Star Wars Weekends special.

Children under 12 can battle Darth Vader at the Jedi Training Academy. Each day can be finished with a fun and energetic evening at the Hyperspace Hoopla where you’ll be thrust into the Star Wars universe of Ewoks, stormtroopers, Wookies, and more! So be sure to save energy and smiles for pictures!

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