Disney’s “It’s a Small World”

If the title isn’t enough to get the song stuck in your head then perhaps the description of the ride is. “It’s a Small World” is a classic Disney ride located in the Fantasyland area in the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. On this peaceful yet repetitive ride, you can enjoy a gentle boat ride while you watch costumed dolls sing “It’s a Small World.”

The costumed dolls represent traditional wear from over 100 world nations and song lyrics sung in five languages. And the ride as a Disney classic, is a must-see regardless of whether this is your first time at Walt Disney World Resort or twentieth. The attraction has been a part of Disney for decades and the tune is one that will stick with you well after you’ve gotten off the ride.

However, not only do the dolls wear beautiful costumes to indicate their country of origin, but they are animated. Cruise by as you watch the dolls dance to the music and celebrate a world of peace. The beauty of the dolls is beautifully complimented by the background as well featuring architecture that represents the country of origin along with the tradition garments worn by the dolls.

The ride not only appeals to all ages but to those who love to see the beautiful costumes representative of nations around the world. The ride is also perfect for guests of all ages. Disney’s “It’s a Small World” can be enjoyed by guests young and old since there is no height limit. The ride is also wheelchair accessible; however guests must be able to transfer from wheelchair into the boats. And children under 7 need to be supervised by an adult.

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