Disney World & Disneyland Dress Code

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, then you’ve probably noticed how clean cut the employees look. Is it just happenchance that Disney hires clean cut men and women to staff its parks? Of course not! Just like everything else at Disney, appearances are carefully designed and managed.

For many people, the reassurance that everyone working at Disney will be “family friendly” in appearance is a draw. Others, however, are pushing for Disney to loosen up on restrictions about dress code and appearances. Over the past few years, Disney has been loosening regulations.

At the beginning of 2012, Disney made some of the biggest changes to employee dress codes. Male employees at Disney World and Disneyland are now allowed to wear beards and goatees that are neatly maintained and less than a quarter-inch in length. Interestingly enough, Disney has allowed male employees to wear mustaches since 2000 – perhaps in honor of Walt Disney’s famous mustache?

Men aren’t the only sex that has seen big changes in dress code. As of 2010, women are allowed to show bare legs; they no longer have to be covered in pantyhose. Also, tops can now be sleeveless as long as the straps are at least three inches wide.

However, don’t expect to be seeing tattoos or uncommon piercings anytime soon. It’s highly unlikely that Disney World will be making adjustments on these topics in the next few years – or decades for that matter! Disney World and Disneyland sell tickets because of their magic, and part of that magic is the clean cut appearance.

What do you think of the rigid dress code enforced upon Disney employees? Is it too much? Not enough? Or, just right? Weigh in with your opinion in the comments section below. Any changes you’d like to see made? Share your thoughts with other Disney fans!

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