Are You a College Student? Would You Intern With Disney?

For most college students, the internship credit can be pure drudgery. Making copies in the backroom? Entering data into an Excel spreadsheet? If tasks like those don’t appeal to you, then you might want to consider an internship with Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

While Disney World tickets can be had for a discount, you can get a huge discount – and some credits – when you intern at Disney World! The Disney College Program website lays it all out for you. Information is provided about the program, its components, and the application process. Plus, there are sections for educators, and parents and other family members.

Of course, you don’t have to intern to be a part of the Disney team during your college years. Perhaps you’d rather make some cash this summer in the Magic Kingdom? If so, then check out the job listings that Disney offers college students. From researching guests to working in transportation, hospitality, food service, or other areas of the park, Disney has something for everyone.

While working or interning with Disney, you get real on-the-job skills. Plus, you have the unique opportunity of meeting college students from all over the United States and the world. You probably won’t find that at your local accounting firm!

Rather than spending another boring summer or semester at home, why not try out an internship with Disney World or Disneyland? Plus, your family will thank you. What better excuse could they have to plan a Disney World vacation than visiting you?

For more information, testimonials, and requirements about interning with Disney as a college student, visit the official website (link included at the beginning of this post). Tell your family to go ahead and buy their discount Disney World tickets today in order to get the best deal!

Have you interned with Disney before? Share your experience with other readers!

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