How to Dine at Disney World

Disney World is a place unlike anywhere else in the world. From dining to accommodations, the park operates by a set of rules that’s completely unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. In order to have the best vacation at Disney World, it’s important to know how to play by the Disney rules, as well as how to beat them!

Dining at Disney World isn’t necessarily complicated. The park has plenty of options for visitors who don’t want to do any planning in advance. If you don’t have the time or interest in planning out your Disney dining experience, then don’t worry about reading the rest of this article.

BUT, if you want to enjoy the culinary magic of the Magic Kingdom (and Disney’s other parks), then this blog post is for you!

  1. The biggest Disney dining tip is this: make your reservations well in advance. For some restaurants, you’ll have to make reservations 6 months in advance! This is especially true of Disney’s upper-tier and newer restaurants.
  2. While reservations will secure your spot, you’ll still have to deal with crowds if you eat at traditional meal times. Try pushing your meal times back a couple of hours while you’re on vacation in Disney World. This will mean shorter lines and fewer crowds for those non-reserved meals.
  3. Before you make reservations, check out the park’s hours. Disney publishes park operating hours at least six months in advance so you can know if hours will be extended. If hours are extended (or if there’s a special event), you may want to factor this knowledge into your meal planning.
  4. Lastly, eat where you already are. Don’t visit the Magic Kingdom during the afternoon when you have dinner plans at Epcot. Make things easier on yourself and your family by eating at restaurants in the area where you already are!


Have great dining tips of your own for our discount Disney World ticket shoppers? Share them below!

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