Are Deluxe Resorts Really Worth the Cost? (Part 2)

deluxe resortLast week we began asking the question, “Are Deluxe Resorts really worth the cost?” Some people swear by them, claiming they’re the only way to visit Disney World. Others think that the Deluxe Resorts are nothing more than an-overpriced, plushy gimmick. We’re not here to take sides. We’re just pulling the facts so you can decide for yourself!

We’ve already covered room size, bed size, and Deluxe Resorts’ locations. Let’s take a look at some more big factors:

  • Design Escapism. The average tourist has probably never stayed in a hotel nicer than the Grand Floridian. And, if you’ve never been to Hawaii, then the Polynesian Resort is as close as you can get without leaving the continental United States. When it comes down to it, the designers behind Disney’s Deluxe Resorts are master escapists. They know how to make you feel as though you’ve left Orlando, Florida and been swept away into a (pardon the reference) whole new world.

Of course, the new Art of Animation Value Resort and other value resorts have a strong streak of this escapist spirit in them. But, it’s clear that Disney hasn’t dropped the same amount of cash on the Value Resorts as the Deluxe Resorts. But what else would you expect?

  • Mini-Fridges. Mini-fridges? Really? you ask with a look of incredulity staring back at the screen. Yes, really. If you don’t understand the importance of the mini-fridge in Disney World, then you’ve got a lot to learn, padawan (we can use that reference now that Disney has acquired the Star Wars franchise). Mini-fridges come standard in Deluxe Resorts, and they will save your life when your kids need a snack or juice box and both you and your spouse are too exhausted to leave the room to buy an over-priced one. Also, mini-fridges are just the baseline. Get a villa or other upgrade, and you could find yourself with a microwave, full kitchen, and washer/dryer set.

So, what do you say? Are Deluxe Resorts worth the cost, or do you consider accommodations to be secondary to the Disney World experience?

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