How to Eat Vegetarian in Disney World

veg cafeYou’re a vegetarian, planning a trip to Disney World. ‘Isn’t that like going to Sweden with a dairy allergy?’ you ask yourself. ‘Or, maybe like visiting India with a strong aversion to spices?’ We’re here to tell you, “Relax.” Disney World, if nothing else, is accommodating. If you went to Disney World as a child, you might remember it as the land of flowing pizza and hamburgers. While the parks still have plenty of carnivorous options at both the counter service eateries and the table service eateries, they’ve also adapted to make vegetarians and vegans comfortable.

Here’s how to do it…

For the most part, table service restaurants are going to provide you with far more options that counter service establishments. When you make your advanced dining reservations (ADR is Disney’s term), check the menu for vegetarian options. If you don’t see something that suits your needs, let the hostess know in advance that you would like a vegetarian/vegan option. The hostess may inform you of the chef’s standard vegetarian offerings, or you may be delightfully surprised by whatever the chef whips up that day.

When dining at counter service restaurants, your only option in some parks will be veggie burgers and veggie sandwiches/wraps. Consider yourself warned that Animal Kingdom, ironically enough, is the most challenging place for vegetarians to find some decent grub. However, most other parks do a great job of providing more than your standard veggie burger for those who don’t wish to eat meat.

Hands down, the best place to find vegetarian offerings is in Epcot. Not only are there more dining options in Epcot than any other park, but there are more diverse options. Check out the Moroccan Pavilion and Chinese Pavilion in particular for some tasty options. Another popular vegetarian-friendly destination in Epcot is Sunshine Seasons in Future World. Try the Tofu and Vegetable Noodle Bowl, which comes with two sides!

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