Disney’s Animal Kingdom

animalDisney’s Animal Kingdom, located in beautiful Orlando, Florida, is a fantastic place for a family vacation. Disney’s Animal Kingdom features amazing rides such as the Kilimanjaro Safari. The Kilimanjaro Safari takes guests on a breathtaking journey through grassy plains, over dangerous crocodile-infested waters and even near hippo-inhabited ponds. Zebras, elephants, lions, flamingos, okapi, cheetahs, gazelles and many, many other wild and exotic animals are on present for guests to see.

Located near The Kilimanjaro Safari is an African themed marketplace, complete with percussion and dance based African musical group. In the African marketplace, guests have the opportunity to buy authentic African goods to take home with them from their trip.

The Asian section of the Animal Kingdom is home to the Kali River Rapids Adventure ride. Riders will get wet on this ride! Expedition Everest, the yeti-themed roller coaster that takes riders through the Himalayan Mountains is also located in the Asian section of the Animal Kingdom.

Another section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known as Dinoland U.S.A. Within Dinoland U.S.A. lays the indoor thrill ride, Dinosaur. Dinosaur transports riders to the age of the dinosaurs in an attempt to bring one specific kind of dinosaur back to the present day. The ride even takes your picture at one particularly frightening moment. The ride lasts about four minutes with a preview video before riders board their “time rovers.”

Disney’s Animal Kingdom also features many different restaurants for guests to enjoy. The Yak and Yeti is a full service restaurant in case guests want to sit down and take a break for a while. Pizzafari offers guests grab-and-go pizza with the option of seating.

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