Disney Visa May Benefit Some

Kids miss school for DisneyReward programs have proven a useful strategy for keeping people faithful to a store chain or brand. When people buy from you and you reward them, they will continue to go where they are rewarded. Disney also rewards faithful followers with their Disney Visa card. Available on their official website, anyone can try applying for a Disney card and pick from eight different card designs.

The perks of using the Disney Visa card are many. With the rising cost of gas, many people use credit to purchase gas and buy groceries. Fortunately, this is where the Disney card rewards users the most. Disney cardholders earn 2% in reward dollars on card purchases made at restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. 2% is also earned from most Disney locations. Other purchases on the Disney card earn users 1%.

The everyday purchases made with the card can be redeemed many different ways. The site claims there are thousands of ways to redeem rewards earned but perhaps the most useful is by using rewards towards purchases of Disney Theme Park tickets and Resort stays. Using rewards to book a Disney vacation is a great way to recycle money into a fun and exciting vacation for your whole family. This is the main reason why guests who frequent the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida would benefit from owning a Disney Visa card.

Having a credit card is a large responsibility. There is an annual fee of $49 attached to the card but Disney does offer a No Annual Fee card option. Other perks of the card include 10% off select Disney merchandise at select Walt Disney World Resort Locations, 20% off select guided tours, and 10% off select dining locations in Walt Disney World Resort.

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