Disney App Makes Vacation Planning Easier

5714292955_74cc12ec4fThere are so many things we can do with technology now. Our phones provide us with many conveniences. So many of us are dependent on our phones that we feel lost without them. Our lives can be found on our phones from work calendars, menu planners, and social networking sites.

The Disney company has also made use of mobile devices by creating an app that helps you plan and manage your time at the Disney Parks. The app is designed for phones or tablets and helps you with many areas of planning your next vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort. Perhaps one of the most useful functions of the app is the interactive map that is GPS-enabled to help you explore Walt Disney World Resort right on your phone.

For people who like to stay organized, reservations can be made over the phone for restaurants. If you are hungry it is easy to look up a restaurant and browse their menu. Once you find where you want to eat, book your reservation and spend less time worrying about whether or not you can get in.

For people who don’t like waiting in long lines, the Disney mobile app allows Walt Disney World Resort guests to check wait times for attractions and show times for fireworks and parades. You can organize your entire day with the app. Find out what attractions are close to you and where your favorite Disney character is. Your plans can even be shared with others in your party. Add an activity to your Wish List and then share your plans through Family & Friends. The app will help keep your itinerary organized so you can have more fun exploring the park.

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