Limited Time Wickedly Beautiful Cosmetics

lipstickPeople aren’t surprised by the term “limited time” anymore. We hear it all the time with consumer products. However, most of those products are available for purchase throughout the country. Disney just announced their Beautifully Disney project of private-label cosmetics. The line is created specifically for sale for Disney Parks but a few items are currently available online.

For a limited time, Beautifully Disney has released their first collection called Wickedly Beautiful. The color is inspired by Disney princesses and their correlating villains. The collection is made up of nail polish, eye shadow, and lip-gloss. In total, there are eight lip-glosses, eight nail polishes, and two eye shadows. The colors range from a light pink to a deep purple with two outliers of white and gold lip-gloss.

These cosmetic products are available only in the Disney Parks and the best place to find them is at Walt Disney World Resort’s Tren-D store at Downtown Disney. The products were designed to be used as everyday cosmetic products for adults. While many people may think of the products being marketed towards young girls, the products are subtle enough to fit both adults and children’s wants and needs.

Out of the eight lip-glosses, four of the merchandise feature princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and Aurora. The remaining four images are of the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Ursula, and Maleficent. The product is very new just being released in the early part of March 2013. The products are sold exclusively in the parks but some are available online.

The Wickedly Beautiful collection is indeed for a limited time. The seasonal products are already planned out with Unlock the Spell and Fiery Spirit collections the later part of 2013. Each collection is limited and only available in the Disney parks.

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