Is Downtown Disney Going to be Remodeled?

Disney's Boardwalk InnAccording to recent article in WDW News Today, there may be plans in the works to remodel Downtown Disney. According to the news site, concept art and details have been leaked that show Walt Disney World Resort’s Downtown Disney being replaced with “Disney Springs.” Previous, plans had been made for remodeling Downtown Disney called the Hyperion Wharf Project. While it was announced, work never began. Since the information leaked about the remodeling of Downtown Disney is unofficial, it is anybody’s guess whether or not Downtown Disney will be completely remodeled.

The back-story for Disney Springs is that the town and its districts were named for spring in Florida. Three districts would comprise Disney Springs called West Side, The Village Marketplace, and The Town Center. Some of the changes made in the concept art include a sky bridge over Buena Vista Drive allowing guests to safely pass over the street. There would be a walkway between Portobello and Cookes of Dublin and a bridge connecting Village Marketplace to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort among the changes to the area.

The concept art shows many changes including building upon what is currently parking lot, demolishing areas that are currently shops, and draining the water around Planet Hollywood. Changes also show changes to the dock showing a larger boat dock. Yet, while the concept art shows a complete remodel of Disney’s Downtown area, it is still unofficial and nothing to get excited over until Disney officially announces the remodeling project. Even then, there is always the possibility the remodeling may not occur just like Hyperion Wharf.

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