Why stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Disney's Boardwalk Inn

There are so many hotels on Disney property that it can be hard to choose.  Each hotel and resort features its own theme, bringing the excitement of the parks to your hotel room.  Disney’s Boardwalk recreates the image of the 1940s in Atlantic City, with charming restaurants along a boardwalk that surrounds Crescent Lake.  Here guests have the choice to stay at the Boardwalk Inn or Villas depending on budget.  The Inn is the cheaper option but still retains all the charm of the resort.  Visitors will be surrounded by carousels with ornate horses that resemble those found in the classic film, Mary Poppins.  Guests can also find many restaurants to dine at up and down the boardwalk strip, which is walking distance from their rooms! They will also be entertained by Disney street performers as they walk up and down the boardwalk.

This resort features two pools for guests that emphasize the Boardwalk’s theme.  Guests can slide into the pool through the clown mouth of a fun house themed pool and relax after a long day at the park.  One of the greatest elements of this resort is its location.  The Boardwalk is located within walking distance of both Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  No need to rent a car or wait for a bus, as park-goers can walk right over to their favorite parks at any time of day! Folks will find that the Boardwalk is a comfortable and convenient resort to stay at during their Disney vacation.

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