Hotels on the Monorail in Disney World

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The monorail acts not only as a form of transportation throughout Disney World, but a ride in itself.  Folks boarding the monorail will enjoy views of Disney Property while making their way to their destination.  The monorail is a main transport option for guests looking to visit the Magic Kingdom.  Parking at the Transportation Center, visitors can board the monorail to the park.  This is an exciting way to arrive for families traveling with little kids.

There are three resorts that are accessed by the monorail, making commuting to Magic Kingdom quick and easy.  The Contemporary Resort is the iconic a-framed modern tower that the monorail actually passes through on its way to the Magic Kingdom.  Guests staying here don’t even need to go outside to catch the monorail before they embark on their journey.  It’s convenient and exciting to see the monorail silently breeze through the tower resembling technology of the future.

The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa also lies on the monorail path, making it an ideal location to stay for all guests.  Its grand Victorian style is elegant and relaxing after a long day at the park.  Guests can retire back to the resort to view the firework display at Magic Kingdom from their own bedroom, making this a favorite amongst Disney-goers.

The last hotel on the monorail track is the Polynesian – a unique resort that celebrates the theme of the South Pacific.  Here guests can have an exotic experience with the tropical oasis and traditional fire-knife dance each night.  For guests looking  for a different experience with the convenience of the monorail should check out the Polynesian Resort.

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