Disney’s Water Parks

Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World

As we enter the summer season, Florida’s temperatures are sure to rise, making days hot and long for park-goers.  Fortunately, Disney has two water parks to offer its guests a refreshing day that still allows them to enjoy that Disney fun.  The two water parks on Disney property are Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.  Both parks are unique and feature different themes, making the two experiences very different.  Typhoon Lagoon is a tropical paradise that highlights the beach and palm trees of the Bahamas.  The park tells the story of a typhoon that wrecked a ship into the island, creating a fun water playground for visitors.  Typhoon Lagoon has one of the largest wave pools in the world, with six-foot tall waves every thirty minutes.  Guests can also try out some of the different water slides and family raft rides! For families with little children, there is a kiddie pool where kids can play in a safe and fun environment.  For more experienced swimmers, Typhoon Lagoon features a snorkeling experience where guests can swim above sharks at the Shark Reef.  There’s something for everyone at Typhoon Lagoon.

Or guests can also take a trip to Blizzard Beach to have a completely different water park experience.  According to Disney legend, a freak blizzard hit this part of Florida, creating an impromptu ski resort.  But after the snow melted, the park was left with water slides and gushing rivers.  Now guests can enjoy thrilling water slides, like Summit Plummet – a daring ride that is one hundred and twenty feet tall, reaching speeds of up to sixty miles per hour.  Or guests can opt to relax in one of the many heated pools to enjoy at Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

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