Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney Fully Opened

11600368The Rainforest Cafe is a remarkably decorated and themed restaurant complete with animated effects. There are two of these remarkable restaurants located in Walt Disney World Resort.  The Rainforest Cafe can be found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and at Downtown Disney, the location that recently underwent an exterior refurbishment.

Opening fully in June of 2013, the Rainforest Cafe is now complete with an erupting volcano and the new Lava Lounge bar. The tropical rainforest restaurant serves American style food and is one of Disney’s more affordable restaurants. The average adult meal can range from $15 to $30 and only some dining plans are accepted.

The new exterior of Downtown Disney’s Rainforest Cafe draws guests to the restaurant with a volcano show every 30 minutes. The volcano erupts on the hour and half hour. The eruptions are visible from all around the Disney Marketplace and often catch the eye of nearby guests. The volcano is not the only new feature at Downtown Disney’s Rainforest Cafe; the Lava Lounge is equally impressive.

The Lava Lounge bar is located on the side of the restaurant at the base of the volcano. The Lava Lounge is decorated with multiple waterfalls and an animated crocodile. The crocodile is not the only animated animal found in the restaurant. Other animals include birds, elephants, gorillas, and real aquarium fish. Each animated animal performs on a schedule and brings life and excitement to the dining experience.

To complete your dining experience, celebrate the volcanic exterior of the restaurant with the delicious Journey’s End Sparkling Volcano. This ice cream and brownie dessert is a great way to end a festive meal in such a creative and animated restaurant. Guests 21 and over have the luxury of enjoying a number of festive drinks at the bar.

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