Disney’s Transport Going Green

Disney_bus_in_Walt_Disney_World,_FloridaThe biggest benefit of staying at one of the resort hotels within Walt Disney World Resort is the available transportation. Walt Disney World Resort has multiple forms of transportation, with buses as one of their main forms. As is expected of Walt Disney World Resort, there are many buses that comprise the resort’s fleet.

Disney has been recognized for their many conservation efforts and, as part of protecting the environment, Disney decided to add electric buses to their fleet. Disney plans on testing a fully electric bus this summer. The bus is expected to appear on the Fort Wilderness Resort loop for resort guests and backstage at Epcot for cast members.

Although Disney is testing the all-electric bus this summer, they have already started replacing some of their older buses with new higher capacity and greater efficiency buses. The buses will feature an all-new appearance and will help Disney be more efficient in their use of fuel.

If all goes well with Disney’s test of the electric vehicle, Disney may lead the way in green resort transportation. This is not the first new form of guest transportation tested by Disney. Last year, in 2012, Disney tested an articulated Nova Bus, named “Bendy,” that had the capacity to transport 112 guests. The impressively large bus sat on three axels, instead of the traditional two, and was an astonishing 62 feet long.

Between last year’s testing of “Bendy” and this year’s test of an all-electric bus, it is easy to see that Disney is looking to create greater transportation efficiency. With all the brilliant minds employed at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney is sure to find the solution that best benefits the company and the transportation needs of their guests. So if you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort and will be staying at Fort Wilderness Resort, be on the lookout for Disney’s all-electric bus!

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