Disney Names Upcoming Movies

716While Walt Disney World Resort brings in countless numbers of guests each week, many more people are able to experience Disney magic by going to the theatre. More often than not, people can afford a few hours out of their busy schedule to visit a movie more so than a week long vacation away from home.

Although we haven’t reached the end of 2013 yet, Disney has already listed a number of movies to be released in 2014 and some for 2015. Five movies Disney will be releasing to theatres in 2014 include: Cinderella, National Treasure 3, Jungle Cruise, Maleficent, and The Good Dinosaur. While we may not be aware of what Jungle Cruise or The Good Dinosaur are about just yet, most people can guess about Cinderella, Maleficent, and National Treasure 3.

Cinderella and Maleficent are both characters that can be found in Walt Disney World Resort. As a princess and a villain, each plays a very important part in the fairytale from which they come. Disney brought both of these characters to life in their animated movies, but next year, they will be recreated in live action movies as well.

If you are not a fan of live action fairytales, you can still meet your favorite beloved characters in person at Walt Disney World Resort. But Disney has announced more than these five movies. Finding Dory and Toy Story 4 have been announced for 2015. These sequels will add to the stories we already love so much.

Without a doubt, Disney does a spectacular job of tying in their movie characters with their parks. There are Finding Nemo themed hotel rooms and Toy Story themed attractions. These new movies will continue to draw guests to visit the parks and experience the movie magic for themselves. You can bring the magic to life for your family by meeting the Disney characters in person or even make a character dining reservation.

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