Disney: A Company That Cares

Florida Hospital for ChildrenMany people may not hear about all the donations or support that Disney gives to various organizations around the country and even the world. Every year, Disney hosts a number of walks or marathon events dedicated to helping one cause or another. One of Walt Disney’s founding principles was giving back to the community and it is a tradition carried on by Walt Disney’s successors today.

When Disney gives back to their community, they do so by performing and adhering to their three core principles. Disney’s principles are:

Compassion: “Providing happiness, hope and laughter to those who need it most.”

Conservation: “Connecting kids to nature develop lifelong conservation values.”

Creativity: “Harnessing the power of creativity and imagination to improve lives of kids, families and the communities they live in.”

The Disney Company invites charities to contact them for help but they must also stick to Disney’s charitable giving guidelines. For compassion, Disney funds:

Children’s Hospitals

Disney Wishes

Disaster Preparedness and Relief

Military families

Healthy Kids

As part of Disney’s conservation efforts, Disney funds:

Protecting the Planet

Supporting Grassroots Conservation

Connecting Kids to Nature

Emergency Funding

And lastly, through Disney’s creativity, Disney hopes to improve the lives of kids by funding:

Imagination: different approaches to hands-on learning



Thought Leadership: supporting research to advance the understanding of creativity in kids

Disney sticks to their core values and the categories they encompass because so many charities come seeking assistance from Disney each year. While Disney is proud to help a variety of charities financially each year, employees at Walt Disney World Resort and other Disney employees help by sponsoring Boys & Girls Clubs, delivering care packages to children’s hospitals around the world, and performing thousands of hands-on volunteer work acts each year.

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