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imgresWhen you plan your vacation to Walt Disney World Resort, don’t forget to add some spending cash to your budget. You are bound to find a little something—or a lot of something—to bring home with you as a souvenir or memento of your trip. When you go browsing the various shops at Walt Disney World Resort, you will notice that different shops have different themes and sell different products.

To date, Walt Disney World Resort has over 230 shops to pick from. Visiting all the shops can be an adventure in itself. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, there is always a chance you can find the perfect Disney product online. Although Disney has opened numerous Disney stores in various malls around the country, Disney’s greatest shopping opportunity outside of Walt Disney World Resort is online. Disney’s Disney Store is just a click away. makes finding the products you love quick and easy. The store breaks down their homepage by characters and products; with categories for girls, boys, babies, and adults. There is even a Disney Parks Product link. If you frequent the website often, Disney has a page to feature their new arrivals, as well as a sale section.

You may be surprised to learn that Disney sells more than just products for children. There is also an entire section of home and décor products. These products can be found online or in shops around Walt Disney World Resort. Other product categories include: clothes, toys, collectibles, and entertainment.

If you enjoy collecting things, then Disney collectibles are a great creation to show off in your home. Disney collectible products include: vinylmation, figurines and keepsakes, wall art, snowglobes, and pins. Each collectible is sure to raise questions from family and guests. Disney art can be pricey too. Disney’s art ranges from $120 to $1,950 in price.

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