Adventureland Disney WorldAdventureland can be found in the Magic Kingdom, and is one of the more popular parts of the park. It’s one of the Magic Kingdom’s aptly dubbed “themed lands,” this one themed to evoke the imagery of jungles in Asia, Africa, South America, the South Pacific, desert islands, and South America.

This is also one of the older areas of the park, and many people visit it as much for the retro value as for the jungle aura evoked by the set. It was developed in the 1950s, and was intended to capitalize on the post-war “Tiki” craze, or the popularization of jungle kitsch that occurred during that time period. Visitors who stop by Adventure land are sure to enjoy the abundance of tribal performance masks, totem poles, conga drums, and exotic animal statues. The jungle vegetation that surrounds the visitor is a combination of natural and artificial, and most certainly sets the scene for fun.

Visitors to Adventureland will definitely want to take advantage of the excellentattractions available in this historic part of Walt Disney World. These include the Jungle Cruise, which is one of Adventureland’s staple rides, the Enchanted Tiki Room , and the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

If all that jungle exploring has left certain guests with a yen to find their own artifacts to commemorate the journey, Adventureland also has a plethora of shopping opportunities so visitors can bring back their own part of the jungle. Feel free to browse the wares of Adventureland Bazaar, talk with the South Seas Traders, check out the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost, or pick up something exotic at Tropical Imports.