The American Idol Experience

The American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studio's in Disney WorldNamed after the famous show, the American Idol Experience gives Walt Disney World visitors a chance to get up on stage and sing for an audience which will then vote on their favorite performers. It’s almost like the real American Idol experience – just with a lot fewer cameras and a lot more Disney magic!

The American Idol Experience was announced in February of 2008, but the specifics of the attraction weren’t released at that time. The winner of American Idol season six, Jordin Sparks, unveiled the official name of the attractions and announced the official opening of the Experience would be after the season seven finale in May of 2008.

The attraction itself is located in the “Superstar Television Theater,” in the Disney Hollywood Studios area of Walt Disney World. The attraction itself opened on February 14, 2009 with a press event featuring American Idol celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, and Simon Fuller, the creator of American Idol. Winners of American Idol ever since then have promoted the attraction in commercials by announcing that they’re “going to Disney World.”

The attraction itself is similar to American Idol in that there’s a number of auditions that have to occur before a visitor is allowed on to a preliminary show. The last show of each day features the winners of the previous shows. The final winner of the last show gets a “dream ticket” that he or she can use to bypass the lines at a real American Idol audition. One dream ticket winner did advance to the actual show – Aaron Kelly finished fifth in the 2010 American Idol season.