Asia at Disney World's Animal KingdomIn the Animal Kingdom, the park is divided into several different “mini parks” that are based around the climate, flora and fauna of regions around the world. The Asia portion of the Animal Kingdom is exactly what it sounds like – a representation of the natural life in Asia. Two of the Animal Kingdom’s major thrill rides are also located in this mini park, making it one of the most popular destinations for those who choose to spend some time in Disney getting to know wildlife around the world!

Those who voyage to “Asia” will find themselves in the fictional village of “Anandapur,” which translates to “place of delight” in Sanskrit. Over the course of Anandapur’s history, it was ruled by a series of benevolent maharajahs. Due to the favorable political climate and the hardworking constitution of Anandapur’s residents, the citizenry of the village have dedicated themselves to the conservation and the study of the region’s natural wildlife.

Those who come to the Asia mini park are likely both looking for the natural landscapes that the park touts as well as Expedition Everest and the Kali River Rapids. Expedition Everest is a rollercoaster ride that is often compared to the 1959 smash hit Matterhorn-type rides. It is the tallest of the artificial mountains at Disney World (the other ones including Space Mountain, Mount Gushmore, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Mount Mayday.) If it were a real mountain, it would be the second highest peak in Florida!

The Kali River Rapids is a rafting expedition ride that delivers in both thrill and education. The attraction itself leaves visitors exhilarated and soaked, and also deals with illegal logging and habitat destruction.