Backlot Tour

Backlot Tour Disney WorldIf you like Disney movies, you’ll love the Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. In this tour, you’ll get to learn more about what goes into shooting such popular Disney films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Pearl Harbor, and The Rock.

The Backlot Tour involves both a walking portion and a tram portion. The walking portion physically involves the guests – staff will take volunteers and show them how the attack sequences in Pearl Harbor were made, down to the part where over 1000 pounds of water were used to overcome the driver of a ship. After the volunteers are finished the crew shows the guests the resulting film – and it’s quite remarkable how realistic it looks! The tour also includes the filming of explosions under water, simulated torpedo bursts, and fireballs.

The tram section involves guests riding a tram and being taken through various areas of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with a recording explaining the history and significance of the tram’s tour. The tram tour itself ends with a bang – guests are taken to Catastrophe Canyon, where a flood of water will come rushing down from the canyon and above the tram, and an “earthquake” hits the area. The “earthquake” causes a fuel truck to explode and sends a fireball into the air.

Of course, the Backlot Tour is completely safe and nobody has ever been injured by taking this tour. It’s simply an exciting first-hand look at Disney movie magic, and an explanation of how that magic comes to show on the silver screen.