Beauty and The Beast: Live On Stage!

Beauty and The Beast: Live On Stage! at Disney World OrlandoOne of the things that revelers in the Most Magical Place On Earth often don’t consider is the incredible variety of entertainment options that Walt Disney World offers those who come visit. Of course, you can visit with the Disney Cast, enjoy the rides, and simply walk through the streets marveling at all the fun packed into one place. But have you ever considered going to Walt Disney World for the theater?

Hollywood Studios offers visitors to Walt Disney World the chance to do just that. One of the most popular and longest running shows that Walt Disney World offers at its Hollywood Studios park is Beauty and The Beast, a live performance of the story that shares the same name. The show itself has been a feature of Walt Disney World since 1991, but there have been two different versions of the show presented for the enjoyment of the viewers.

One of the biggest things about these shows to keep in mind is that they’re truncated in order to offer maximum audience enjoyment – they’re packed full of music and run for about 25 minutes apiece. This way, you can enjoy some theater without having to dedicate an entire afternoon or evening to it. What could be better?

Be sure to check out Beauty and The Beast: Live On Stage! on your next journey to visit Walt Disney World. You’re sure to not be disappointed!