Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach at Disney World
This Disney world water park is the third to grace the grounds of Disney, opening on April 1, 1995 after sister water parks Disney’s River Country and Typhoon Lagoon. Blizzard Beach is the second most popular water park at Disney, behind Typhoon Lagoon, which also makes it the second most visited water park in the world.

Blizzard Beach, in addition to having thrilling water slides (which is what the park is known for) also happens to come with a quirky Disney story. The existence of Blizzard Beach is based upon a “legend” of a freak snowstorm in Walt Disney World, which covered the entire park in snow. Thinking quickly, Disney built a “ski resort” to take advantage of the snow, but the snow melted. The “ski resort” was going to close forever when an alligator slid down one of the “ski jumps” of the park screaming “yahoo!” and splashed into a pool of water. Thus, Disney decided to open the “ski resort” as a water park instead, and Blizzard Beach was opened.

The alligator of the story is also the mascot for the park, and is fondly called “Ice Gator” by the staff at Disney World.

As implied by the water park’s back-story of originally being a ski resort, Blizzard Beach is a great way to get your blood pumping with some serious water slides. There are “ski lifts” that can be ridden to get to the most intense offerings, but there is also a “ground level” to the park, which offers gentler slides so your young ones can enjoy the park as well. Whether you want a rush alongside your water park or would rather float in a lazy river and let it wash your cares away, Blizzard Beach can deliver the refreshingly cool respite needed during a vacation at Walt Disney World.