Camp Minnie-Mickey

While the Animal Kingdom is based more upon the importance of learning about various animal habitats and species, this doesn’t mean that iconic Disney characters can’t get in on the fun, as well! For those who would like to learn and take their children and themselves to a higher understanding regarding the natural flora and fauna of the world but not forget that they are in Walt Disney World, Camp Minnie-Mickey is a great spot to stop off and kick back for a bit between expeditions.

Camp Minnie-Mickey is in an area that is themed as a rustic summer camp. Here guests can spend time mingling with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and other characters. The area also has a theater in the main part of the camp, which shows Festival of the Lion King. This attraction involves acrobatics and musical performances that are directly inspired from the Disney hit of the same name. If you’ve ever wanted to both learn about Rafiki’s species and also enjoy his wisdom as a Disney Character, this is the place to be!

Camp Minnie-Mickey is a great way to take a break from the long hot trails of the Animal Kingdom. Walt Disney World invites all of its visitors to spend some time at Camp Minnie-Mickey and enjoy relaxing with the characters as well as take in the Festival of the Lion King. While the Animal Kingdom is an exciting place to be in its own way, the camp reminds visitors of the magic of Disney. Never before has ecological education and Disney wonder been combined so conveniently or well!