DinoLand USA

DinoLand USA at Disney World's Animal KingdomNot only is the Animal Kingdom devoted to educating its visitors about current life on the planet, it also offers a unique opportunity to look back in time and discover more about life forms that are lost to us. To this end, DinoLand USA is a great place to take your child (or inner child) to learn more about the reptilian giants who walked the planet in an age long gone.

The story about DinoLand USA involves amateur fossil hunters who started a small highway town in 1947. The area yielded dinosaur fossils, so scientists, volunteers, and grad students have been living in the town in order to learn more about the history of the dinosaurs. They opened a learning center called the Dino Institute, which discovered how to tear the fabric of time and actually send visitors back to the era of the dinosaurs.

DinoLand USA also showcases the ingenuity of two locals to the town, Chester and Hester, who converted their gas station into a souvenir shop. They also created their own version of time travel called Primeval Whirl. Thanks to Chester and Hester, visitors can enjoy a ride called Triceratop Spin and a host of midway games for when tired travelers need a break from all the dinosaur facts and fun.

For hungry wayfarers, there is also a restaurant called Restaurantosaurus on the grounds. In addition to Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures shop, the Dino Institute Shop also offers souvenirs to those who would like to take a piece of the past – or, shall we say, an artifact from the past – home with them to remember their time spent among the dinosaurs.