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dw tickets
dw tickets

DWTickets.com is another online ticket outlet that is actually upfront with the cost of their offerings, which is likely to come as a relief to those of you who have ended up lost in the catacombs of some other websites, just searching for numbers. DW Tickets is an easy to navigate site, and you’ll be able to find their offerings and their price structures quickly.

However, it does have many of the same problems that similar ticket sellers have – the actual money that you’ll be saving by going through these sites could only total up to a few dollars. In general, if you’re really looking for deals when it comes to Walt Disney World, it’s best to look for the all-inclusive packages that also involve airfare and accommodation. If you’re only buying the tickets to get into the park, the money you’ll save will be negligible – the biggest boon to buying tickets ahead of time like this is the fact that you won’t have to wait in line at the park to buy the tickets when you arrive. This is nice on several levels – if nothing else it saves you a line-waiting experience – but in terms of saving money on the overall price of your experience, buying through DW Tickets won’t do much for you overall.

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Nevertheless, it’s a good place to start doing research on how much the Mouse will cost you should you go and visit – and coming armed into the ticket-buying arena with knowledge will definitely help you get a better deal! Buy Disney World Tickets from DWticket

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  1. I ordered tickets from this site once and it took me 3 hours to find the place to pick up my tickets, very frustrating.

  2. Site is a scam! They claim to be located in orlando but I did some research and they are lying, they have a nice picture on their site that appears to be their office but that is another companies office, watch out for sketchy sites like dwtickets.

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