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ThemeParkTickets,com is another compilation ticket site – that is, not only can you get tickets for Walt Disney World at this site, but also for other attractions in Central Florida including Universal Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Kennedy Space Center, the Orlando Dinner Shows, various water parks around the area, and more. This is a great place to come to learn more about what kind of attractions are available in the area and it allows you to plan a very diverse getaway in this area of the country, for any amount of time!

Theme Park Tickets is also a great place to get information about various theme parks in the Orlando area. Many sites simply act as a ticket dispenser, but Theme Park Tickets can give you information about the different kinds of tickets available to each theme park and the advantages and disadvantages of both. In the case of Disney tickets, if you don’t yet know the difference between a Park Hopper and a Magic Your Way, this would be a great place to come and do some research before looking around at prices.

But insofar as prices are concerned, there are good deals to be had here, though we don’t recommend purchasing a ticket for a single day at Disney World. Like many other ticket sites, Theme Park Tickets also charges a service fee for its purchases, and while you’ll get a bulk discount on tickets for a longer stay, it’s cheaper to just get a ticket for one day at the park. However, you might still find it worth your while to order your tickets online – at least you won’t have to wait at line in front of the park at the gate!

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  1. we plan to be in orlando & are looking for discount tickets fo Kennedy space center also Epcot center 1 day on each thanks

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