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Tickets DW is a great place to visit if you want to be aware of the sheer variety of tickets that you can buy to accompany your Disney vacation. Right on the front page, Tickets DW offers a full selection of Disney access tickets on the front page, neatly divided for the visitor to peruse. Most sites require to the visitor to click within a general “Disney Tickets” section of the site and then occasionally will subdivide it further. At Tickets DW, you can see on the front page the six different kinds of tickets that this website offers related to Disney World: Disney Base Tickets, Disney Plus Tickets, Park Hopper Tickets, Park Hopper Combos, Disney Quest Tickets, and Disney Music Days.


With so much variety to choose from, you might have an even harder time deciding, but the layout makes sense and helps get you where you want to be fast. Each link has information about that particular kind of ticket behind it, and then a link where you can go to another site and buy the tickets. Again, the “being shunted to another site” philosophy is a little bit unnerving, and most customers do prefer staying on one site for information and payment. However, if you do not mind jumping sites, the tickets offered through Tickets DW start off as 4 day passes, and then continue up to 10 days. If you are looking for a single day ticket, you’ll have to either hit up the gate or go elsewhere.

This is a good site, if nothing else for the information. It’s definitely a great place to start your research on Disney Tickets.

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  1. I wondered where you pick up tickets, or how they are sent once I make a purchase. I am interested in Disney World, Kennedy and Universal.

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