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Our Ranking page is divided into two sections, the first column on the left is our rankings of top Discount Disney World Ticket sites based on a variety of factors such as current Google position, customer reviews, company performance and history, and many other factors. The second column consists of advertisements of other websites that sell tickets to Disney World and other related products. Sometimes these sites offer specials that we haven’t seen yet so may actually have better pricing then the sites in our rankings. We suggest using these this information as a basic starting point but recommend comparing the different options ton ensure you get the cheapest prices possible on your Disney tickets.

Our Rankings


Natural “Disney World Tickets” Google Position: #2
Alexa: 211,486 ranked #1 for a few reasons.  First we were unable to find any negative reviews of the site from customers and appears to have the best customer support department if you have any problems with your purchase.  Second, they own and operate a large welcome center where customers can pick up their tickets to save on shipping fees.  None of the other sites we have found have anything comparable.  Lastly, and probably most importantly we have never seen another site offering tickets at lower rates.  We found some sites offering the same prices on some tickets but because of all the other benefits we see no reason to purchase from any other site.

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Natural “Disney World Tickets” Google Position: #3
Alexa: 393,857 holds firm in second place for two reasons.  First their long history holds some value and consumer confidence.  They have actually been online longer than OrlandoFunTickets and many of the other sites on our list.  Second we found their site visually appealing and easy to navigate.  The site has a real “Disney World” feel to it and does a good job helping users navigate to the tickets they are looking for.

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Natural “Disney World Tickets” Google Position: #6
Alexa: 226,623

Great Orlando Discount represents our third spot in the rankings mainly because of the sites history and rankings. It’s design is nothing to get excited about and looks like a site designed in 1990 but it has been around longer than that so maybe they have never found a need to improve the design. Despite this downside the site still maintains strong rankings in Google and receives significant traffic. We also found most reviews of the site to to be positive other than some customers found the site hard to navigate.

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Natural “Disney World Tickets” Google Position: #5
Alexa: 292,494 used to rank higher on our list but in the last year the sites rankings have dropped in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Similarly their Alexa rank and traffic appear to have dropped off. We are unsure why this happened but clearly Google noticed something. We found the site design to be average, certainly higher quality than and but not up to the standards of both and We also thought the site could be laid out better, especially on the home page which contains lots of unused white space which causes it to appear somewhat scattered, and on some interior page like the main Disney Tickets page where the links to the types of tickets don’t line up and are hard to look at. We couldn’t find any independent customer reviews on this site so can’t comment on that.

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Natural “Disney World Tickets” Google Position: #8
Alexa: 907,571

5th place belongs to Maple leaf would probably rank higher on our list if it weren’t for its design. Similar to the quality of this sites design is borderline horrible. It comes across as scattered, dis-organized, and hard to navigate, not to mention the fact that the silly graphics placed seemingly randomly on the page do nothing but distract from the real content of the site. Hopefully we haven’t been too harsh, but on the positive side the site still ranks number 5 on our list because it maintains strong rankings in the Google, has been around as long as any other site we could find, and the few customer reviews were able to find were mostly above average.

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