DisneyquestIf you’re looking for a fun theme park that will satisfy the needs of all visitors regardless of age, DisneyQuest can fit the bill. It’s located in Downtown Disney, so Disney Quest has the added bonus of not needing a Magic Your Way ticket to visit. The complex itself is housed in a five-story windowless building, and features a “magic elevator” which transports visitors from the ground floor up to the third floor atrium of the building. This is where guests start their visit to DisneyQuest.

The DisneyQuest experience is comprised of a variety of different attractions, most of which involve virtual reality. There aren’t rides in DisneyQuest per se, but it is more of a collection of various activities, some of which involve player interaction in a gaming environment, others that are based more around drawing and innovation. For example, the Pirates of the Carribean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold is an attraction that allows the visitor to steer a pirate ship and fight other ships, sea monsters, and pirates in order to gain gold. One player controls the ship itself, while other players man the guns.

Another popular attraction at Disney Quest is Cyberspace Mountain, where guests can design their own roller coaster and then “ride” it in a simulator. Since DisneyQuest is an indoor attraction, it makes it a great place to take the family on a day when the weather may be too severe to enjoy the Disney World Theme parks, and it’s also a great place to enjoy a little bit of the magic of Disney without having to pay the fee to enter the traditional parks.

DisneyQuest also occasionally rotates its offerings, so there’s always a chance that the next visit might bring something new to enjoy.