Epcot World Showcase

Epcot World ShowcaseThe Epcot World Showcase features pavilions that represent eleven countries. The exhibit is set up in a circular arc, with the featured countries in clockwise order being Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. When the exhibit first opened the World Showcase lacked both Norway and Morocco – these were added later.

The pavilions themselves are staffed by citizens of the country that the pavilion represents. All pavilions have shops and restaurants, and some contain shows and rides as part of their attractions. The purpose of the World Showcase is to educate visitors about the cultures, histories, and traditions of the country the pavilion represents. Originally, the pavilions were meant to be sponsored by the governments of the pavillion’s country, but the only pavilion currently sponsored by a country is the Moroccan pavilion. In addition, there were plans for Australia, Russia, Spain, Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates and Israel to have pavilions, but these never got past the planning phase and are thus nonexistent in the park.

As for equatorial Africa, there were original plans for a pavilion to be built, but plans got scaled back to an African-themed restaurant called the Outpost.

The World Showcase itself stays open later than the Future World attractions, and since many of the shops sell alcoholic beverages from the pavilions, the World Showcase is a very popular place for visitors to enjoy an evening at Walt Disney World. The World Showcase is a great place to bring family and enjoy learning about other cultures through the magical lens of Disney World.