ESPN Wild World Of Sports

ESPN Wild World of Sports at Disney WorldFor visitors to Walt Disney World who can’t get enough of sports, ESPN Wild World of Sports Complex is the place to visit. With a space of over 220 acres dedicated to sport, the complex has nine different venues and hosts amateur and professional sporting events year round in superb settings.

This part of Walt Disney World was known simply as the Wild World Of Sports Complex before Disney used its ESPN brand to step in and revolutionize the complex – the rebranding took place on February 25th, 2010.

There is a separate entrance fee for the ESPN Wild World Of Sports – it’s not included in with the Magic Your Way tickets that offer admission to the main areas of the park. The good part about this is that the base admission fee is considerably cheaper than the Magic Your Way ticket – 13.50 for adults and 10.00 for children ages 3-9. There is also a ESPN Wild World of Sports Grill and a gift shop that visitors can access without paying the admission fee.

Occasionally there are major events that demand a higher fee than the traditional admission costs, but should this be the case the event will be marked with the differing price at the entrance to the park.

Generally speaking, it’s best to check with the schedule of the park before visiting the ESPN Wild World Of Sports Complex before visiting. It’s more of a spectator sport venue, as opposed to the rest of the Disney parks, which are more interactive in nature. Luckily for the visitor, though, the offerings change day by day – anybody who loves sports is sure to find something they’d like to watch over the course of a visit to Walt Disney World!