Disney FastPass Tickets

Fastpass Tickets to Disney WorldWalt Disney World’s FASTPASS gives visitors the ability to avoid long lines at the more popular attractions buy planning ahead and getting a fast pass.

Basically the way it works is when you are entering an attraction there is more than one line you can enter. One line allows you to get a Disney Fastpass. After you have gotten your Disney World Fastpass you can then re-enter the attraction or ride in a different line that is exclusively for fast pass holders. This line allows you to go on the ride or see an attraction again without having to wait the sometimes extremely long lines.

If you decide to not use the Fastpass Disney system at all you may find yourself waiting in the standby lines for non pass holders that at time can take upwards of an hour to get through.

Another great feature of the Disney World fast passes is at the entrances where they are available there are clocks displayed that give you the estimated times for both the FASTPASS lines and the regular standby lines.

The are a few restrictions with the fastpasses for Disney World, for example there is a limit to how many you can have at one time.