Florida Resident Tickets

Florida Resident TicketsWith Walt Disney World in your backyard, you can enjoy discounts on your visits to the Most Magical Place On Earth. After all, just because Walt Disney World is closer to home for you as compared to the rest of the world doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to take advantage of the magic as much as you desire!

Walt Disney World likes to extend special tickets to Florida residents – consider it yet another advantage to living in Florida! With Florida Resident tickets, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to take advantage of everything that Florida has to offer – including Walt Disney World.

While Florida Resident tickets are available year-round as a special bonus just for living in Florida, there are certain times of year when it’s even cheaper to visit Walt Disney World. During low season, you can get tickets to Walt Disney World for even less than ever, as out-of-state tourism flags. Of course, with these special Florida resident low-season tickets there are blackout days involved, but you get the advantage of low prices combined with much thinner crowds! Be sure to check the exact specifications of your tickets for details as to when they can or cannot be used.

With Mickey Mouse living in your backyard, there’s no excuse for not making the most out of your physical location as possible. With Florida Resident tickets, it’s easier than ever for Mickey Mouse’s neighbors to come over more often and enjoy the fun at Walt Disney World.