Frontierland Disney WorldFrontierland is another one of Walt Disney World’s many “themed park,” areas, where the surroundings and the rides are crafted to invoke a certain mood and take the visitor into the wonderful world of Disney fantasy.

Frontier land takes its inspiration from the wild American west in the 19th century, when business was done in saloons, gunslingers walked the streets with impunity, and the Gold Rush was on in full swing. The visitor can enjoy walking through a park themed with Western style accoutrement like red rock buttes, and interact with fellow cowboys, pioneers, and desperados.

Every Frontierland in each Walt Disney World around the globe has a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a themed roller coaster adventure that’s geared for the whole family. Other common attractions include Splash Mountain for those who would enjoy a cool down while exploring the Wild West, Tom Sawyer Island, the Country Bear Jamboree, and a steam-powered riverboat used both to evoke mood and offer visitors a relaxing ride.

In Florida’s Walt Disney World, Frontier land opened with the Magic Kingdom in 1971 and has been an iconic part of the park ever since. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad made its debut in 1980, and ever since then the themed park has received a massive influx of visitors who come to enjoy the ride.

For those who would like to grab some grub, there are also a number of Wild West restaurants in the area, ranging from the Golden Oak Outpost, to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café, to Westward Ho.