Future World

Future World Walt Disney WorldFuture World is one of two “themed parks” in the Epcot area of Walt Disney World. The other themed park in Epcot is the World Showcase – both Future World and the World Showcase are pattered after the types of exhibits found at world expositions, as Epcot is supposed to emulate a permanent world fair.

Future World is dedicated to showing off the latest in technological application and innovation. The section itself is set up in a series of “pavilions,” with each pavilion sponsored by a company and showcasing the technologies having to do with that particular pavilion. For example, the Universe of Energy pavilion used to be sponsored by the Exxon corporation, and that pavilion explored the latest innovations in energy production and conservation.

Of course, in an ideal world all the pavilions would be sponsored by corporations, but many are not due to tough economic times and the hesitance of many companies to invest in Disney pavilions. There are some pavilions that are without sponsors, and there are even some pavilions that are now empty due to lack of sponsorship and Disney’s inability to keep them open independently.

Nevertheless, most of the pavilions in Future World remain open and it’s definitely a worthwhile stop on your visit to Walt Disney World. Future World is definitely one of the most educational parts of Walt Disney World, but it presents its information in such an entertaining and engaging way, most visitors won’t even realize that they’re learning so much. Future World just goes to show that the Most Magical Place On Earth can be educational as well as fun!