Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian

Journey into Narnia Hollywood Studios at Disney WorldWant to enjoy a unique look at one of the hallmarks of modern children’s literature? Journey into Narnia allows Walt Disney World visitors a unique and interactive glimpse into the movie magic that goes on to make the Narnia series come alive on screen. Even for those who prefer their classic literatures in literature format are sure to be captivated by this exhibit – it starts out with Narnia trivia questions. So if you’re a C.S. Lewis buff, this is a great time to sharpen your thinking skills and show your stuff! The exhibit itself is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, alongside many other similar exhibits that offer similar experiences and deeper looks into major Disney motion films.

The one-room exhibit features taped interviews with the director of the film, as well as allowing visitors to see props from key scenes. An example of this would be Aslan’s Stone Table Chamber, the underground vault where Aslan sacrificed himself in the first movie.

After the props, there’s an area where guests can enjoy clips from the movie in enhanced surroundings, such as when Peter and Edmond experience temptation to use the power of the White Witch against the evil King Miraz to win back Caspian’s rightful place on the throne.

The last part of the walkthrough includes a look at authentic concept art that was used to evoke the images the film would end up producing before the story got to film, as well as actual costumes that were worn by the cast during shootings.