Liberty Square

Liberty Square Disney WorldLiberty Square is one of the seven “themed parks” in Walt Disney World, and is one of the parks that is exclusive to the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida – no other location has it. This park is themed after colonial America, featuring replicas of the Liberty Tree and the Liberty Bell. To add to the historical theme of the park there’s a Hall of Presidents, which is an animatronics display of every president of the United States. The square itself features the state flags of the original 13 colonies, as well as the American flag.

The architecture of Liberty Square could best be described as patriotic – there are actually architectural representations of the 13 colonies in the park as well as flags. There’s even a reproduction of the House of Burgesses, where you can look up to see Paul Revere’s “one if by land, two if by sea!”

As Liberty Square is adjacent to Frontierland, the paddleboat makes a stop here and visitors to Liberty Square can enjoy the park’s long waterfront. In fact, the paddleboat that you can hail in either Frontierland or Liberty Square is called the Liberty Belle!

Liberty Square’s most popular attraction is no doubt the Haunted Mansion, which also happens to be one of the most popular attractions in Walt Disney World as a whole. Due to the Haunted Mansion, many visitors stop by this land intending just to visit the single ride, but end up sucked in by the charm and historical interest of the rest of the park.