Magic Kingdom

Disney World Magic KingdomMain Street U.S.A. Magic Kingdom offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves entirely in the fantasy of Disney in Liberty Square , as well as enjoy spending time in romanticized eras of America’s past – Fantasyland immortalizes the heart of revolutionary America, while Frontierland sends its visitors off to the Wild Wild West.

For those who have a yen for something a little more exotic, the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland simulates the jungles of Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific, complete with marauding pirates to keep the entire family captivated! Tomorrowland is another one of Disney’s “themed parks,” or portions of the Magic Kingdom that are designed and decorated in order to evoke a particular theme for its guests.

Mickey’s Toontown Fair is one of the “themed lands” at Walt Disney World. Several different sections of the Magic Kingdom are divided into these lands, each with a different theme.

The Magic Kingdom is a must-see for anybody looking to experience the wonder that is Disney. From watching the sun rise over the fanciful constructions in Main Street USA. to enjoying the spectacular fireworks over Cinderella Castle, you can’t get any more Disney than this. The fact that friendly Disney characters populate the Magic Kingdom sweetens the deal even more – nobody can resist the charming wave of Mickey Mouse, inviting one and all to explore his hometown!