Magic Your Way Base Tickets

Magic Your Way Base TicketsMagic Your Way Base Tickets are the cheapest tickets offered to get into Disney World. These base tickets allow entrance into one of the Theme parks on any given day. You can visit different parks on different days with multi day passes.

There is also a no-expiration option for these tickets. This is a great option in case you end up not using all the days during your trip you can always come back and re-use them.

Those who are looking to fulfill their Disney Dreams both simplistically and cost- consciously, start here. This is the most basic Disney ticket available – and just because it’s the most basic option doesn’t mean that you lose out on any of the Disney magic! The Magic Your Way ticket allows the holder to visit one of the Disney Theme Parks on any given day.

Again, the best part about the basic Magic Your Way ticket is that it’s the cheapest way to get into Disney World. For those that are looking to experience one of the theme parks with cost in mind, this is the option. Be aware that with this basic ticket you are unable to park-hop, but any individual Disney Theme Park is so large that you should have no trouble entertaining yourself and your family with one park. Many people who visit Disney World spend multiple days in one park, even if they opt for the more expensive “hopper” option!

For an additional fee, you can also add on a “no expiration date” clause to your Magic Your Way ticket. As the title implies, this means that your tickets will never expire, even if you end up having to shorten your Disney vacation for whatever

The Magic Your Way Base Tickets are a great way to get in and sample some of the best that Disney has to offer. After all, if you already know what you’re going into the parks to do or you know that certain parks hold little interest for you and your family, why dally with extras that you don’t need? Purchase Magic Your Way Base Tickets for an uncomplicated, streamlined approach to the magical world of Disney.