10 Day Magic Your Way Tickets

There are many ways to make a trip to Walt Disney World magical. Even if you can only spend a single day at the parks, there is much to see and do. However, if you happen to have the luxury of being able to stay at Walt Disney World for 10 whole days, purchasing this particular Magic Your Way ticket will save you a lot of money. Purchasing Walt Disney World tickets works very similarly to other purchases; the more you buy, the cheaper the price of the individual product gets.

Remember that with the base Magic Your Way ticket, you will not be able to hop between parks. The Magic Your Way ticket is designed for one part per person per day. However, if you are spending 10 whole days exploring Walt Disney World, it is very unlikely that you will have the need to purchase the Park Hopper option. You’ll be able to visit and revisit your favorite parks to your hearts content.

It is very important to have a plan when you arrive at Walt Disney World. Planning for your time spent in the park is just as important as planning to arrive at the parks themselves. We have outlined a sample ten-day itinerary that can help you get started when it comes to vacationing at Walt Disney World.

  • Day 1. All roads lead to Rome, and all vacations at Walt Disney World should begin at the Magic Kingdom. Make sure that you spend time taking pictures with Mickey Mouse and check out It’s A Small World!
  • Day 2. Visiting Epcot would not be complete without seeing the World Showcase. Here, you can eat, drink, and learn your way across various cultures thanks to Walt Disney’s pavilions.
  • Day 3. Disney’s Hollywood Studios gives you the opportunity to see what goes behind the production of animations and live-action movies. Make sure that you see the Indian Jones Stunt Spectacular to learn how stones are pulled off in movies.
  • Day 4. Go wild and crazy by getting up close and personal with interesting animals in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For those who are truly feeling wild, taking the Wild Africa Trek can get you up close and personal with incredible animals.
  • Day 5. Take the time to revisit the Magic Kingdom to see the attractions you liked one more time, and explore the areas of the park you were not able to get to on day one. Don’t forget to ride Space Mountain!
  • Day 6.  Day six should be spent back in Epcot where you can build your own robot at the Innovations attraction, and peruse the wonderful stores.
  • Day 7. Back at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, make sure that you don’t miss Muppets 3-D, which is one of the park’s most popular and longest living attractions.
  • Day 8.  Did you know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom also has a variety of live shows in addition to the animal attractions? Make sure that you check them out when you visit the park the second time.
  • Day 9. Your third trip to the Magic Kingdom should be dedicated to shopping, walking, and eating. This is the last time you’ll be here – so make the most of it by relaxing and enjoying the sights.
  • Day 10. Heading back to Epcot is a great way to round out your Walt Disney World vacation. Make sure to check out the many awesome restaurant options that can be found in this area.