3 Day Magic Your Way Tickets

If you decide to purchase this particular ticket, it means that you will have three-day admission to any of the Walt Disney World parks. This particular option is the base Magic Your Way ticket, which means that the holder is entitled to visit one park per person per day. With this ticket, you will be unable to hop between parks. However, for the vast majority of people who are visiting Walt Disney World, visiting one part per day is a great way to explore what Walt Disney World has to offer at a more leisurely pace. If you would like to be able to visit multiple parks in the same day, you will need to purchase a Park Hopper addition onto the ticket.

3 day Magic Your Way tickets can be purchased for both adults and children. The ticket purchase price for children will be slightly lower than that for adults, but you must be able to present a valid proof of age for all individuals who are purchasing discounted tickets due to youth.

Another great thing about all Magic Your Way tickets is that you can take advantage of Disney’s Fastpass system. The Fastpass system allows you to pick up tickets to certain popular attractions and rides and then come back at the time specified on the ticket so that you can hop to the front of the line. Making efficient use of the Fastpass system is key to making your three-day Magic Your Way tickets go as far as possible. The less time that you spend waiting in line, the better!

Even though with a Magic Your Way ticket in hand you can do whatever you want, it is always a good idea to have a basic itinerary layouts so that you can make the most of your time spent at Walt Disney World. There are many different ways to enjoy a Walt Disney World vacation, the we have laid out a sample three-day itinerary for you here if you would like some tips on how best to use your Magic Your Way tickets:

  • Day 1.   Of course, the very first day that you spent in Walt Disney World should be spent at the Magic Kingdom. Here, you can take a nice walk down Main Street USA and spend time marveling at the overall architectural wonder that Walt Disney World presents. Don’t forget to head over to Tomorrowland in order to check out Space Mountain, and there are six other great attractions in this area of Walt Disney World to enjoy. Make sure that you take time to head over to Cinderella’s Castle, and if you would like to get pictures with some of your favorite Walt Disney World characters, the Magic Kingdom is the place to be!
  • Day 2.  All Walt Disney World vacation should include a visit to Epcot. Here you can explore the World Showcase, which has pavilions from countries around the world and allows you to enjoy a slice of life from another country Disney-style. Don’t forget to blast off to Future World as well, where you can blast off to Mars at Mission: Space!
  • Day 3.  You can enjoy the magic of Hollywood and movie making at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Don’t forget to enjoy a thrilling 13 story drop at the TwilightZone, and to take a magical journey through the history of moviemaking with the Fantasmic! Show.