4 Day Magic Your Way Tickets

There is no better way to enjoy Walt Disney World than by purchasing a bulk ticket. Having a bulk ticket in hand means that you will save money, as the more days that you purchase onto the ticket, the cheaper the daily admission will be. Many people choose to purchase a four-day Magic Your Way ticket due to the cost savings that are involved with purchasing Walt Disney World tickets in bulk.

It is important to be aware of the amenities that you will get when you purchase a four-day Magic Your Way ticket. With this ticket in hand, you will be able to visit one part per person per day. If you would like to upgrade from the basic Magic Your Way ticket, you can do so by purchasing a Park Hopper addition or a Waterpark Fun and More upgrade. The Park Hopper addition allows you to visit more than one part per day if you would like to spread your timeout in Walt Disney World according to these lines, and the Waterpark Fun and More gives you admission to one of Walt Disney’s wonderful water parks.

Keep in mind that both adults and children can purchase four-day Magic Your Way tickets. However, the price of four children will be a little bit less than that for an adult. Make sure that you have proof of age if you are purchasing one of the child tickets.

Once you have your four-day Magic Your Way ticket in hand, you may wonder what exactly to do with it. We here have compiled a sample like itinerary for a wonderful and well-rounded four-day vacation to Walt Disney World.

  • Day 1. The first day of any Walt Disney World vacation should be spent at The Magic Kingdom. This iconic Walt Disney World Park has many different attractions and will no doubt consume you easily. Make sure to head over to Frontierland take advantage of Splash Mountain, one of Walt Disney World’s premier attractions. If the water from Splash Mountain has whetted your appetite for more, be sure to sail exotic jungle waters on Jungle Cruise in the Adventureland area!
  • Day 2.  The second day of your Walt Disney World vacation means Epcot. Make sure you don’t forget to enjoy the World Showcase, which will take you around the world by virtue of several pavilions that are staffed by individuals from around the world. Want to go back in time?  Check out Ellen DeGeneres’ the Universe of Energy: Ellen’s Energy Adventure.
  • Day 3.  Head back and experience the glory of old Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Make sure to purchase tickets to enjoy Muppet Vision 3-D for a funny and visually entertaining show. You can also enjoy a ride through the film masters of yesteryear by checking out The Great Movie Ride attraction. You’ll go from 0-60 mph while listening to Aerosmith!
  • Day 4.  Take the time to see Disney’s newest park, the Animal Kingdom. You can take a walk across Oasis Bridge, where you can get an up close and personal look at anteaters and other animals. The Kali River Rapids attraction will get you soaked and also allow you another way to enjoy interactions with exotic animals.